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 Applies To: Windows 2003 Server or newer ONLY Applies To: Windows 2003 Server or newer ONLY
 +Note: Not all serial devices can be redirected. The following devices do not work.
 +  * :-( verifone everest pinpad
 +  * :-( verifone 1000SE
 +  * :-( verifone 2000
 ===== THE PROCESS ===== ===== THE PROCESS =====
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 +===== Do not run Pinpads over Wireless Networks, even with Terminal Services =====
 + ​Ensure your a not running your PINPAD over wireless. We support Terminal Services via wireless, because there is no data being transmitted,​ just screen and keyboard, however PINPADs transmit data. Wireless networks will drop or delay data much more often than wired networks.
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