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Magento Export

This creates a simpler export file that can be utilized by a Magento developer to populate the necessary fields when importing. A base Magento Community Edition installation supports CSV and Microsoft Excel formats for importing data and customers only and is limited in terms of what it can do, unless with further development or purchasing of extensions. A straight export from System Five won't import into Magento as it is, as columns and required fields are different, however we can make the life of the developer easier by creating custom style sheets containing the field names specified by the end user, which are pulled from System Five. As a small example for instance, if all you needed was the Product Name, Item Number, Price and a Description from our system, we can get you a custom Style Sheet to produce XML with only these fields on for each of your items for your developer to use.

How to install on a Windward System Five

See e-commerce_xml_notes for other information.

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