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Setting a Global Date Format

Windward System Five and SpeedyPOS Plus products support a global date format that can be configured in the Setup Wizard. This date format comes from similar settings defined in the Microsoft Windows regional settings in the Control Panel.

Why not use Windows region settings

Having inconsistent dates can cause many problems with customer expectations and accounts payables. Is 06/03/2007 March 6th or June 3rd? Windward has a global wide date setting for all workstations and ignores the date format from the Microsoft Windows region. This ensures data entry and date viewing is consistent to all clerks using the system.

Where to set

  1. In the Setup Wizard choose Miscellaneous.
  2. Select “Global Date Format”.

In the drop down there are some predefined formats available.

  • yyyy/MM/dd (Canadian format)
  • M/dd/yyyy (US format)
To have a date format that shows the month spelled is available but not shown in the drop down. The following entered into the date field “dd-MMM-yyyy” will show the date as 27-Mar-2007.

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