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 ====== When will Tap and Pay (Contactless/​NFC) be available in Canada ====== ====== When will Tap and Pay (Contactless/​NFC) be available in Canada ======
-There is no time table for this. This function has to come from our payment processing software providers who are currently working on US EMV.  Though they have tap and pay working for US, it is still currently mag-stripe grade, not EMV grade. ​ In Canada we require EMV grade Tap and pay.\\ +  * Contactless Payments ​are now available with Vantiv IP (Mercury) ​and Chase Paymentech using the vx820
- +  * Contactless Payments can also be used with Global Payments ​Vx820 Duet semi-integrated solution.
-Compounding ​the problem is the lack of available contactless pinpads available while the US switches to EMV. The current vx810 pinpad does not have contactless ability+
- +
-Tap and Pay is available using [[faq:​global_canada_semi_integrated|Global Payments ​Semi-integrated]] solution ​using the Vx820.+
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