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 http://​​en/​download/​help/​windows_manual_download.xml http://​​en/​download/​help/​windows_manual_download.xml
- +===== Where do I find recordings of previous webinars? ===== 
 +  * You must have access to the Windward Learning Academy 
 +  * Your administrator can add the webinar(s) learning plans to your account 
 +  * We will not be uploading every webinar that has repeat subject matter. If this week’s webinar was on Physical Inventory and there is already a webinar in the course the customer will view the previous recording. The presenter may be different and the attending customers will differ but the subject matter will be the same. 
 +  * These are big files! Please contact us if you don't have a good viewing experience  
 +  * {{::​webinarlearningacademy.jpg|}}
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