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Windward Web API Swagger Documentation Usage


The following is an explanation for retrieving and using the Swagger 2.0 Documentation from the Windward Web API.

*PREREQUISITE* You must have the Web API installed and running properly

Retrieve the Documentation

  1. The Swagger documentation is retrieved using a method of the Web API. Using your preferred method or app (we suggest Postman), send a GET request to the following URL:
  2. Save the contents of the response, which is the Swagger documentation
  3. Use your preferred Swagger editor (we suggest to view the Swagger docs

Example Using Postman

  1. Open Postman
  2. Set the request type to GET
  3. Enter the URL, substituting the webapi_ip_address and webapi_port placeholders with the appropriate information for your Web API installation: http://webapi_ip_address:webapi_port/datasnap/rest/TServerMethodsWebAPI/swagger/swagger.json
  4. Set the authorization type to Basic and enter your Web API credentials
  5. Send the request
  6. Copy the complete text in the Response area and save it as a text file

Example using

  1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome, for example) and navigate to the following URL:
  2. Click on the 'File' menu
  3. Click on 'Paste JSON'
  4. Paste in the Swagger docs text retrieved in the previous step
  5. Click on 'Import'
  6. The list of available methods is now listed on the right side of the screen. Each method has a Parameters and Response section that outlines the format of both the request parameters and the response.
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