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Unit Returns and Trade-in Actions

Units sold in System Five can be returned back to stock. There are some methods for doing this.

  1. Returning the unit back to stock
  2. Trading in a used unit previously sold
  3. Trading in a used unit not previously sold

General Method

When returning or trading-in a serialized unit there is a serial select screen with a tick box for show sold as shown in Figure 1. Select this tick box to open the options for returning or trading-in the unit.

Figure 1 - Serial Select window Show Sold

Returning the Unit Back to Stock

A sold unit may be returned. The return will put the unit back into stock. On the serial number select window, choose the show sold button as shown in Figure 1 and select the serial number from the list. All previously sold serial numbers for the inventory part will be displayed.

The following video will demonstrate returning a serialized part:

Returning a Serialized Part

Unit Trade-in - Previously Owned

A unit may be traded back into stock if it was a wholesale unit sold by the business and purchased by the customer. When performing the Trade-In actions and selecting the Show Sold as seen in Figure 1 there will be a button on the next window to “Select Existing Unit”. When the “Select Existing Unit” button is used there will be a list of units belonging to the invoice customer. Select the serial number matching the unit the customer would like to trade-in.

The following video will demonstrate trading-in a previously owned part:

Trade-in for a previously sold Serialized Part

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