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 +===== Problem Description =====
 +How to set up a custom planter using a miscellaneous part?
 +===== Solution =====
 +Step by step process:
 +1. Setup Wizard- Create a Sub Category called Custom Planter
 +2. Setup Wizard- Turn off #35 in Invoice Setup>​Invoice Options2
 +3. Create a Miscellaneous part called Custom Planter - test by selling the part at POS, do not add cost, and assign Price on invoice
 +4. Do a physical inventory count and process the Physical Inventory Count report in System5 (Inventory and Purchases>​Physical Inventory Count)
 +5. Post a journal entry for the value of inventory from the Variance section of the Physical Inventory Count report
 +Note: this article is also publicly available at http://​​share/​Garden Center - Custom Planter Setup0805291238.html
 +Created by Vera Oliveira at 5/29/2008 12:38:32 PM
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