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 +====== Difference between Misc Part and Non-stock part in Setup Wizard ======
 +There appears to be two kinds of temporary part setups in Setup Wizard:
 +  - Setup Wizard > Invoice Setup > Invoice Options 5 > "Allow Part Find selection of Virtual Warehouse parts to auto populate and add a misc part to Invoices"​
 +  - Setup Wizard > Categories > Category Options > "Non Stock Category"​ textBox
 +**Number 1** is the correct way you would follow to have System Five **__not__** create a real part when pulling a part from the Virtual Warehouse onto an invoice. ​ The Virtual Warehouse part details like Part Number, Description,​ Cost and List would be pulled onto the Misc Part line on the invoice, which had requested the Virtual Warehouse part.  When the invoice line is completed, there is no permanent part record except for the reusable Misc part.  ​
 +  * The type of miscellaneous part to be assigned to this Invoice Options 5 choice would be "​$$Misc Part(Assign cost and retail at sale)"​.
 +**Number 2** is a way to follow when you pull a part from the Virtual Warehouse, create a real part, and dump the part into a holding category.  ​
 +  * The intent is that on a regular basis, a manager would move the newly created parts from the temporary holding category number to the correct category number. ​ Real parts are created in the regular parts table this way.  ​
 +  * This method would be mandatory for setups like PartSmart integration.
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