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 +====== Handling Bulk Materials in System Five ======
 +===== In this training guide you will learn how to =====
 +  * Create a list of products that will be purchased in bulk, and sold in portions of that bulk qty.
 +  * Create an inventory item for each of the Bulk Products, that will be for Receiving and Stock Control only
 +  * Create the Selling Items for the bulk product that will be sold in fractional amounts
 +  * Edit the Selling Items and Create the Kits and Enter the Percentages of the Bulk Items.
 +  * Check the List Pricing of the Selling Items
 +  * Sell the items
 +Create an inventory item for the Bulk Product, this will be for Receiving and Stock Control only Note the Important Numbers
 +  * The Item or Part Number is noted as BULK for clarity
 +  * The Cost is Per Base Unit of Measure in this case Cubic Meters
 +  * The List or RRP is for ONE cubic meter
 +  * The Units show the Unit of Measure and will optionally print on invoices and orders
 +  * The High and Low is the Max to Order and Min Stock to Trigger Reorder
 +This item now created will be used for Purchase Ordering and Stocking of Bulk White Sand, and is
 +the main focus for stock control as it will have the purchase history, and sales history both.
 +While it would be possible to Sell this Bulk product in 1, 1.5, .25, or any partial quantity, this would only work
 +if both the cost and the pricing percentage remained constant for both the Cost and for the List. For
 +example, if selling .5 or ½ of the item costing $50 per unit of measure, with a list of $100, makes the Cost
 +and List at ½ equal $25 and $50
 +To better handle the selling of bulk stock, and allow higher percentage markups for smaller quantities, we
 +recommend the following method, using the Kits feature of System Five
 +Create the Selling Items for this product, see the examples below.
 +To handle sales of a bulk product, we can sell a specific qty of the bulk product by attaching that
 +quantity to another item as a kit. The first item, WWS.25 which will sell .25 or ¼ of a cubic meter of
 +the Bulk sand part, BWWSAD-BULK.
 +Use the Add New Part to create the Selling item. The only information at this point is the Item
 +Number and Description.
 +Now click on the Kits tab and click on Change Kit Type icon to see the following
 +setup dialog.
 +  * Select Dynamic
 +  * Select Type 2 Non-Exploding
 +  * Select OK to Exit
 +Now on the Kit Setup screen click on the Add New Item icon, and enter the Part to Attach, in this case the BWWSAD-BULK part.
 +After using the Partfind selection window, and selecting the part, you will return to this screen.
 +  * Enter in the Quantity of the Bulk Stock for this part, in this example 0.25
 +  * Note the Cost of the whole unit and the price
 +  * The Qty and the Part Number shows in the kit
 +Click back on the Inventory tab, the Cost for ¼ or .25 of one cubic meter of BWWSAD-BULK will now
 +show as $5.75 in the Cost field, this is a calculated value based on the kit settings.
 +You can now set the List or RRP to be what you want to charge for ¼ of a Cubic Meter of BWWSBULK.
 +As and example this item is set to $14.
 +Repeat this process for other items such as .5 or ½, 1.0 or 2.0 items, remembering to create the kits
 +and the amount of bulk product for each, and the selling price.
 +Now if we sell White Washed Sand by typing in WWS on the invoice, the selection will appear.
 +Note that there is a little group of boxes symbol in the Multi Select column, this means a kit, the
 +Quantity column has a ? and a numeric Qty, this numeric value shows how many of
 +each kit are available to sell based on the number of cubic meters of bulk product in
 +stock at the time of selection.
 +Selection one on the invoice will prompt for how many to sell, usually for kits like these the default qty
 +of 1 is correct unless you are prepackaging them into bags to sell, the it makes sense to sell 4 x .25
 +cubic meter bags.
 +Each time one of these items is sold, it will take the Qty Set in the kit out of stock, just as if you sold
 +.25 of a Cubic Meter of the BWWS-BULK item , and the cost is ¼ of the cost of the Cubic Meter.
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