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Bound Book

Bound Book Common Topics

Committed Wrong Serial Number

  • One solution would be to unreceive the serial by adding the serial number to a purchase order to the original vendor. Make sure to set the purchase order date, and the date after the Send button, to the date you want to remove it from inventory. Then, you can commit the entry in the Bound Book Needing Review screen. You will see in the FADR that the entry has been received and then disposed to the same vendor. Then, you can receive it again using the correct serial number on a new purchase order. Again, date the new purchase order with the correct dates, and commit it the the Bound Book.
  • Another option is to leave the existing unit record in place and edit the Bound Book and underlying unit record using the procedures in the following video…

Bound Book Data Load

Every Bound Data Load demands a Transaction Type.

And, if Transaction Type is Purchase, then the system demands a PO № (Purchase Order).
If they have the real PO № that the guns came in on, great, if not use, “Transferred In” for PO №.

Likewise, if Transaction Type is Invoice, then the system demands an Invoice №.

Use one of the letters below for Transaction Type. It MUST BE CAPITALIZED, or it doesn’t work.

  • P: Purchase
  • S: Sale
  • T: Trade-In
  • I: In for Repair
  • C: Created
  • E: Edit
  • V: Void
  • B: Transfer In
  • O: Out after Repair
  • D: Destroyed
  • A: Transfer Out
  • R: Returned to Supplier

DEFAULT Units Data Load

Note that you can use the Bound Book Data Load to load in DEFAULT units for each Part № that will hold a gun.

The benefit of this is that you can declare its base Manufacturer, Model, Type, Caliber, Importer and Country of Origin. This will photocopied to any new Serial №s when they are received in on a PO, so that you do not have to enter the data over and over again for every Serial № that will attached to the Part №.

Note well, you will make a spreadsheet having each firearm Part №. Then do a Bound Book Data Load, substituting the word “DEFAULT” in place of a Serial №. The word, “DEFAULTMUST BE CAPITALIZED, or it doesn’t work.

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