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Auto Creating Bills while Receiving and completing a PO

  • While a Purchase Order is being edited, Stock Received and the P.O. Completed, System Five has an option to Auto

Create Bills to match the Receiving Report.

  • A single PO receipt can create a single Bill, or Multiple Receivings can be batched and processed later.
  • Confirmation Reports are available for View or Print as required after the single or batch is processed.
  • After enabling this feature, it is important to set the General Criteria options once the Create Bills window appears.
  • It is important that the values, totals and GST or Taxes on the Receiving Report are correct, as these values will be used to create the Bill, errors will create errors.

Using the Receiving Stock to Auto Create Bills

  1. Receive Stock as normal, by Editing an Existing PO, or creating New Receiving Report.
  2. First Time ONLY, set the option to Auto Create AP Bill using the drop down menu on the Receive button. This setting will stay selected unless you click on it again.
  3. Verify that the Cost for each item is correct, matching the Invoice or Packing Slip
  4. Click the Receive button and enter the Packing Slip / Invoice Number, click the Receive button
  5. The option to print will appear, it is good practice to print the receiving report and attach it to the supplier

invoice or packing slip.

NOTE: Important Settings follow on the next page which must be set before moving to step #6.

When first presented with the AP Bill Creation window, there are settings on the General Criteria tab that should be considered.

  • Start and End Dates - This will select the date range of the PO’s to include
  • Clerks - The users who processed the PO’s and Receiving reports
  • Departments - One or all departments to include
  • Suppliers - One, all or a range of suppliers
  • Add Part Details to Bill – This adds the full detail for each item to the bill, not normally needed.
  • Filter Options – Usually set as shown for most requirements
  • Include Duty, Extra and Freight values – Discuss this with your trainer

PO Lookup Word Criteria As PO’s can have lookup words attached for sorting or finding purposes, selecting a lookup work before clicking Next can help with reducing the size of the report, by only showing the matching PO’s that have that word attached.

  1. The AP Bill Creation window will appear, click on the Bill Number cell and enter the Supplier Invoice # (Packing Slip #)
  2. Now click on the top selection Chkd button, it will turn Green to select and proceed to the Reconcile Bill & Post tab
  3. Click on the Top Line of the PO to process, and the details will fill in. These details should be verified and changed if necessary. The Date of the Invoice, the Due Date, Supplier etc should be checked.
  4. Verify from the Actual Invoice / Packing Slip / Bill, the Bill Sub-Total Excluding GST, and fill in the cell, then verify the GST and enter that value in the Bill Tax cell, press Enter and the Red lines will change to Green
  5. When all is correct, click on the Create Bills button , the process is now complete. A printable listing of all the bills created will show, this can be printed for the accounting department if required.
  6. You can check the bill later and edit if necessary, this example is the completed bill.

Processing Multiple PO’s

If you choose to add several stock receipts and not process the bill creation until all the receiving is complete, this is possible. Simply close the Create Bills window and return to Add/Edit Receiving options and receive more stock. When you are ready, the menu option Create AP Bills from PO’s will take you directly to the Create Bills window, and multiple receivings will show.

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