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Check Run, Bills Due

Reports Column Definitions

Bill Column

This may have an icon in it next to the Supplier Name depending on its status in the screen

  • Green Check Mark - Some amount to pay has been indicated in the far right-hand 'Pay' column for any bills from this supplier.
  • Blue Checkbook - The 'Create Checks' button has been pressed, and this Blue Checkbook icon indicates that a batched check has been created for this supplier with the amount in the far right-hand 'Pay' column.

Description Column

This field is populated from each bill's description box. If you want the Discount terms to print on the check stub, you must enter the description of the discount in the bill's description field.

e.g. Type, “2%/10 discount taken”, in the bill's 'Description' field. You can double-click the bill number to open the bill to do so.

Amount Column

You need to know that this is the net amount owing of the bill, from when it was last saved before clicking the 'Show Bills' button to run this report.

This 'Amount' column does not display the amount of the bill before the Discount, if a Discount line has already been added to the bill.

If you had clicked the 'Discount' button while in the bill, then the bill would have added a line to reduce the net amount owing by the discount amount e.g. a supplier's discount of 2% applied to a $100.00 bill would have added a line to the bill to discount it by $2.00, to give a net amount owing of $98.00. Therefore, only $98.00 would show in the 'Amount' column, and not the $100.00 pre-discounted amount.

If you want this screen to show the amount of the bills before the Discount, then the strategy is to not click the 'Discount' button in the bill. But instead, let this 'Check Run, Bills Due' utility to automatically add the proper discount to the bills when the 'Create Checks' button is clicked.

Video demonstrating Check Run, Bills Due

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