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Problem Description

Messages on Integrity Report: Name on Invoice is not an ACCOUNT Customer ###

Additional Description: This error indicates that the invoice in question posts to accounts receivable (AR), but the customer is not an account customer. The customer must be an account customer to be able to post and invoice to AR. As such there may be a problem with this invoice. It is generally not a good process to switch a customer between account, cash only, and suspended.


The video will: * Review the error and how to open the invoice * Review the customer of the invoice * Perform a fix on the customer * Review integrity again

Expanded Notes: * Progress & Steps: We open up the invoice

  1. We go through the steps required to open the invoice if it is a transfer invoice
  2. Supervisor override mode must be turned on to do this.

* Behind the scenes review

  1. We review the customer behind the invoice.

- In this case we look at the transfer customer and find that the invoice should be an account customer. * Progress & Steps

  1. We switch the customer to a cash customer

* Review of the integrity

  1. We check integrity again after fixing the error to make sure all occurances of this error have been dealt with.

Note: If the customer was an account and you need to leave them as cash only it is probably best that you create a new account and rename their old account. It is also a good idea to put a comment on the old customer indicating it should not be used. This will prevent making a mess in the integrity section of the program.

Note: this article is also publicly available at on invoice is not an account customer_ transfer invoice0911041659.html


Created by Clifford MacKay at 11/4/2009 4:59:26 PM

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