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 +===== Problem Description =====
 +Messages on Integrity Report:
 +- Credits do not equal debits
 +- AR transactions do not equal invoice total
 +Additional Description: ​
 +- Transfer invoice that is half posted
 +- Corresponding error found in error log
 +===== Solution =====
 +The video will:
 +* Review the back end
 +* Review the progress and steps
 +* Review the results in the back end
 +* Discuss determining the cause
 +* Suggest an appropriate follow up
 +Expanded Notes:
 +* Review back end: Header fields fine, back end half posted. You can tell it is half posted because only 4000 level lines are on the transactions tab. Out of proof as well.
 +* Progress & Steps: Edit invioce. Security prevents default action, so the video shows us how using supervisor override can be used to allow us to finish posting the invoice.
 +* Review back end: We see the fix is complete and the results we should see afterwards.
 +* Determine the cause: Fast forwarded to error message that came up when invoice was originally created. ​
 +* Follow up: Programming to address the cause
 +Note: this article is also publicly available at http://​​share/​15_CR d n e DB_ AR Transactions d n e Invoice Total_ Transfer invoices half posted0908241555.html
 +Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/24/2009 3:55:56 PM
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