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 +===== Problem Description =====
 +Messages on Integrity Report:
 +- Unknown Line GLNum
 +- Total payments d n e ROA total
 +Additional Description: ​
 +The system is confused about what to do with the cash clearing line.
 +===== Solution =====
 +The video will:
 +* Review the back end
 +* Review the payment
 +* Review the POS transaction history
 +* Take some steps
 +* Review the back end
 +* Take some steps
 +* Recap
 +* Review related transactions
 +Expanded Notes:
 +* Review back end: Amount paid on header says $0. 1020 line posted as a Credit and is positive. Deposits on work order account is $0 and will be removed later.
 +* Review Payment: Seems normal.
 +* Review History: POS transaction reports indicate a -206.06 payment was made via amex.
 +* Progress & Steps: ​
 +* Review back end: Find a second line has been added
 +* Progress & Steps: Remove deposit on work order line
 +  - Remove the old cash clearing line
 +  - Exit edit single transaction mode. Problem is resolved.
 +* Recap: System needed to recreate a new line that it recognized and we had to manually remove the bad line. 
 +* Review related transactions:​ The invoice total is $0, but there are 4 payments that add up to $0.
 +Note: this article is also publicly available at http://​​share/​12-Unknown Line 1020_ Total payments d n e ROA Total0908191411.html
 +Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/19/2009 2:11:10 PM
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