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Problem Description

Messages on integrity report: - Blank Ledger Number “Part Description”

Where “Part Description” is the description on the invoice for the line that has a blank ledger number.

Additional Description: - The part for that line did not have a category selected at the time this invoice was created. note: in the case shown in this video the item still does not have a category


The video will: * Review the back end of the invoice * Review the error while opening invoice * Examine the invoice * Follow steps to resolution * Review the back end of the invoice again

Expanded notes: * Review Back End: You will notice that the line that matches the “Part Description” from the error message has a blank or unassigned ledger number. * Information: Will not post properly to GL for the purposes of calculating the proof, or creating a balance sheet report. * Error while opening invoice: Invoice Total Error nnnnn. Blank Ledger Number “Part Description” Set to . * Notes on Error: Since the Ledger number is blank and one is not set, we don't really see that the ledger number the system is trying to apply to the transaction is “”, or blank. * Examine invoice: We start by finding the description and editing that part. Select the line that matches the “Part Description” from the error and click inventory. * Process & Steps: Select a valid category for the part. Exit part. * Review Back End: We can see that the account was filled in where it was missing.

Note: this article is also publicly available at Ledger Number_ Category Not Selected on Part0908181438.html


Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/18/2009 2:38:10 PM

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