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Problem Description

List of different messages that indicate deposit on work order issues:

  1. Work order reversal missing
  2. Should be A/R, reversal missing
  3. Payment should be posting to deposits on WO, not A/R
  4. Deposit on work order payment bookmonth is xx/xxxx should be yy/yyyy

Additional Description: above are a few of the errors, but it is by no means a complete list.


The video will:

  • Reccomend you backup
  • Describe a toolbox routine
  • Describe the results window of toolbox routine
  • Review the fix
  • Discuss Alternative fixes

Expanded Notes:

  • Run a backup: For additional information on this search the wiki for the keyword backup.
  • Run a toolbox routine: Inventory routines > Fix Deposits on Work Orders > Run Conversion
  • How does the minimum book month effect this routine? If you get minimum bookmonth messages you may want to set the minimum bookmonth back to the earliest period that you need to edit infomration in. This is a standard process when dealing with integrity.
  • Reading the results of the routine: don't have information on reviewing the results
  • Review the fix: Integrity errors are fixed and no longer show when running the integrity checks..
  • Alternative suggestions for single problems.
  1. Delete and re-create. Note: Sometimes you have to remove the lines via edit single transaction in the payment before it has no postings.
  2. Use your accounting skills to find a solution. This requires some accounting skill to identify what is wrong with the transaction. It can help to know some other techniques when trying to use this method. For example: if you open the invoice for the payment, it can often fix elements of the payment for you. This is simular to the fix deposit on work order routine.
  • Overview: routine cleans up many of the deposit on work order problems.

Note: this article is also publicly available at Deposit on Work Order Errors Using the Toolbox0908180951.html


Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/18/2009 9:51:31 AM

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