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Problem Description

Messages on integrity report: - Total cash Paid d n e Cash Posting - Sub total does not agree lines d n e invoice

Additional description: - Lines on the invoice do not equal the header - Error opening invoice: “Invoice Total Error Inv#”, “Sub Total: Original= xx.xx new= yy.yy” Where Inv Number is the invoice number or unique number of the invoice. Where xx.xx is the dollars and cents of the original sub total, and yy.yy is the dollars and cents of the new sub total.


The video will: * Explain what it means * Explain the Progress & Steps * Review the error opening the invoice * Review the invoice and its history * Review invoice with the clerk * Results of initial edit * Possible solutions - Void invoice it is in error and was already fixed - Recreate from history

Expanded Notes: * What it means: Paid 1 + paid 2 + paid 3 does not equal the totals on the lines in the transaction tab. The lines on the invoice back end have a posting to cash clearing. This line no longer equals the total of the 3 paid fields from the cash invoice. * Progress & Steps: Edit the invoice * Error opening invoice: Invoice Error, Sub Total: Original = xx.xx New = yy.yy, taxes[1]: Original= xx.xx new = yy.yy. * Review invoice: No lines on the invoice, but there is a tender. There is missing information * Review history: Activity on POS transactions, but no activity clearing things out. Review the original printout if possible * Check with the clerk: If we don't have the original printout, we need to talk to the clerk to try and find out if anything has happened. * Results: Editing the invoice causes new cash to be posted to the invoice as change. * Possible solutions: Discuss scenarios, and possible extra steps as an overview. Make sure note is made about todays end of day being effected.

Note: this article is also publicly available at Cash Pd d n e cash posting_ sub total d n e lines_lines on invoice d n e header0908171510.html


Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/17/2009 3:10:19 PM

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