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 +===== Problem Description =====
 +Messages on the integrity report:
 +- Missing customer nnnn
 +Additional description:​
 +- The invoice was blank
 +- Also began a discussion of simular types of errors, but did not get into details
 +Applies to:
 +Invoices that are blank, and hints at what do if the invoice is not blank.
 +===== Solution =====
 +The video will:
 +* Discuss what the error means
 +* Do a behind the scenes review
 +* Go over progress & steps to be taken
 +* Examine the invoice
 +* Go over possible solutions
 +* Touch on other choices/​scenarios
 +Expanded notes:
 +* What it means: There was a customer record around, and somehow the customer is now damaged or removed. ​
 +* Behind the scenes review: look at the header of the record on the "​Invoice"​ sub tab. This is the default tab when you go into edit transaction. We take note of the customer name at this point.
 +* Progress & Steps: Search for the customer by name. If that customer did exist then we we could take note of the customer name.
 +* Examine invoice: Invoice is blank
 +* Possible solutions: - Voice can be voided if blank.
 +* Other choices/​scenarios:​ If the invoice was not blank we could select the correct customer, find the correct customer record, or review other possibilities with a support tech.
 +Note: this article is also publicly available at http://​​share/​05_Missing Customer 2841_ invoice blank or new customer needs to be selected0908171358.html
 +Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/17/2009 1:58:32 PM
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