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Problem Description

Messages on the integrity report: - Missing customer nnnn

Additional description: - The invoice was blank - Also began a discussion of simular types of errors, but did not get into details

Applies to: Invoices that are blank, and hints at what do if the invoice is not blank.


The video will: * Discuss what the error means * Do a behind the scenes review * Go over progress & steps to be taken * Examine the invoice * Go over possible solutions * Touch on other choices/scenarios

Expanded notes: * What it means: There was a customer record around, and somehow the customer is now damaged or removed. * Behind the scenes review: look at the header of the record on the “Invoice” sub tab. This is the default tab when you go into edit transaction. We take note of the customer name at this point. * Progress & Steps: Search for the customer by name. If that customer did exist then we we could take note of the customer name. * Examine invoice: Invoice is blank * Possible solutions: - Voice can be voided if blank. * Other choices/scenarios: If the invoice was not blank we could select the correct customer, find the correct customer record, or review other possibilities with a support tech.

Note: this article is also publicly available at Customer 2841_ invoice blank or new customer needs to be selected0908171358.html


Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/17/2009 1:58:32 PM

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