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 +===== Problem Description =====
 +Individual integrity issues: Debits do not equal credits. ​
 +This scenario describes when the invoice is only half posted. You can see using edit single transaction that the invoice only has postings to 4000 accounts and to the cash clearing account. This behavior indicates that the invoice was not saved before it was exited. This is most likely caused by some sort of hard closing of the invoice. For example if there was a critical error, or if you did a CTRL+ALT+DEL,​ or if you suddenly turned off the power this behavior would be re-created.
 +===== Solution =====
 +The fix is to open the invoice and close it. The system was able to complete the invoice and save it properly with no further intervention. In the video we review the state of the transaction before it is fixed and after so you can see the difference.
 +Note: this article is also publicly available at http://​​share/​03_Long Winded fix deposits on work order issues_ should just run routine0908131609.html
 +Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/13/2009 4:09:58 PM
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