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Problem Description

Messages on integrity report: - Credits do not equal debits - sub total does not agree to the lines

Additional description: - invoice lines have been lost


We will: * Take a behind the scenres review * Look at the error opening the invoice * Look at the progress & steps that need to be taken * Examine the history on the error * Check with the clerk * Get back to the Original * Review potential fixes

Expanded notes: * Behind the scenes review: In review of transactionbefore hand, we see postings to AR, COGS, Inventory, and Income, but debits do not equal credits (note: AR = 179.40) * Error opening invoice: “Invoice Total Error Inv#”, “Sub Total: Original= xx.xx new= yy.yy” Where Inv Number is the invoice number or unique number of the invoice. Where xx.xx is the dollars and cents of the original sub total, and yy.yy is the dollars and cents of the new sub total. * Progress & Steps: We click Fix when the error comes up. Notice that the sub total on the invoice has changed from xx.xx to yy.yy. * Examine History: A great way to make educated guesses about what went on is to know what activity has happened on the invoice. We can view all entries to the POS transaction report using “View POS Transactions”. * Check with Clerk or historical printout: it is important to discuss the invoice with the clerk to find out more * Back to the Original: We want to get the invoice entered correctly, so the goal is to make it look like it did originally * Potential fixes:

  1. Add the correct invoice
  2. Post an adjustment to the invoice
  3. Void the invoice

Note: this article is also publicly available at d n e DB_ sub total d n e lines_ iinvoice lines lost0908171012.html


Created by Clifford MacKay at 8/17/2009 10:12:59 AM

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