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Cash Drawer does not open

Ensure that the POS Device manager is started and showing in the system tray as circled in red in figure 1.

Figure 1 - POS Device Manager Icon

Activating the POS Device Manager

A single left click will open the POS Device manager giving the screen shown in figure 2.

Figure 2 - The Cash Drawer tab in the POS Device Manager

The Port Settings should be set to your slip printer for cash drawers that have a cable connecting the cash drawer to the slip printer. If the cash drawer connect to the computer via a different port, then select that port.

After the port has been selected, click the drawer opens on tender type button that looks similar to figure 3.

Figure 3 - POS Device Manager tender types button

Select the option “Yes” to manually open cash drawer as circled in figure 4 then click OK. If the system prompts for a password use “supervisor”.

Figure 4 - Manually opening selection

Select the “Open Drawer” button as circled in figure 5 to open the cash drawer.

Figure 5 - Open Drawer button

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