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 +====Tax Form Box Entry - PH==== 
 +^Code^Description^Max Value^ 
 +|21|Gross Compensation from Present Employer|0.00| 
 +|22|Total Non-Taxable/​Exempt|0.00| 
 +|23|Total Compensation Income from Previous Employer|0.00| 
 +|25|Gross Taxable Compensation Income|0.00| 
 +|26|Total Exemptions|0.00| 
 +|27|Premium Paid on Health|0.00| 
 +|28|Net Taxable Compensation Income|0.00| 
 +|29|Tax Due|0.00| 
 +|30A|Amount of Taxes Withheld Present Employer|0.00| 
 +|30B|Amount of Taxes Withheld Previous Employer|0.00| 
 +|31|Total Amount of Taxes Withheld as Adjusted|0.00| 
 +|32|Basic Salary (MWE)|0.00| 
 +|33|Holiday Pay (MWE)|0.00| 
 +|34|Overtime Pay (MWE)|0.00| 
 +|35|Night Differential (MWE)|0.00| 
 +|36|Hazard Pay (MWE)|0.00| 
 +|37|13th Month Pay and Other Benefits|0.00| 
 +|38|De Minimis Benefits|0.00| 
 +|39|SSS, GSIS, & Pag-ibig Contributions|0.00| 
 +|39A|Pag-ibig Additional Contribution|0.00| 
 +|40|Salaries & Other Forms of Compensation|0.00| 
 +|41|Total Non-Taxable/​Exempt Compensation Income|0.00| 
 +|42|Basic Salary|0.00| 
 +|45|Cost of Living Allowance|0.00| 
 +|46|Fixed Housing Allowance|0.00| 
 +|47A|Night Differential|0.00| 
 +|49|Profit Sharing|0.00| 
 +|50|Fees Including Director'​s Fees|0.00| 
 +|51|Taxable 13th Month Pay and Other Benefits|0.00| 
 +|53|Overtime Pay|0.00| 
 +|54A|Holiday Pay|0.00| 
 +|55|Total Taxable Compensation Income|0.00|
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