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The following article will present itself as a hierarchy standard of updating System 5.
The information contained will reflect different scenarios of upgrading System 5 depending on architecture (Server/Workstation/Client).
As well, it will also include steps on how to troubleshoot update related problems, Pervasive and Version information.
This is merely a rough copy only, subject to change.

System 5 Updates

1. Backup before Update

1a. Backing up your data

2. Updating System 5

2a. Training System 5 Update

2b. Server / Client System 5 Update

2c. Workstation System 5 Update

2d. Standalone System 5 Update

3. Performing major vs minor upgrades

3a. Major Upgrade - 5.35 to 5.42, 5.42 to 5.60

3b. Minor Upgrade - 5.42.0.xx to 5.42.0.xx

4. Pervasive Information

4a. Upgrading Pervasive to meet PCI Compliance

5. Troubleshooting Updates

5a. Synchronizing client machines with server

5b. Windows security permissions

5c. FTP connection problems

5d. Pervasive errors while updating

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