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Printer Setup in System Five

The printer setup window in System Five will copy all of the printers that are local to your Windows desktop.

Problem - Printer is not displayed in the System Five printer setup list

If your printer is not displayed in the menu but exists in your local Windows printer list then you will need to log out of System Five on that local computer then log back in to refresh the System Five printer list.

Problem - Printer is in the System Five printer list but prints incorrectly

If the printer is not printing as expected and it is not a dedicated Slip printer or Barcode printer then remove the check marks from each of the boxes as indicated in Figure 1. After changing printer settings on the screen in Figure 1, System Five will need to be closed then re-opened.

Figure 1 - Printing setups.

Problem - Slip printer is not printing correctly

For problems related with setup and configuration of slip printers please review the link following as Slip Printers require a specific setup in the print setup window.

Slip printers - Setup and Configuration

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