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 +<note important>​ We can not guarantee that the Logo printing functionality will work with every version of any manufacturer'​s printer driver. Nor can we guarantee that the barcode printing will continue to function after upgrading a printer driver, or a Windows operating System.
 +<note important>​ This feature hasn't been tested in a Cloud or RDP environment,​ and currently isn't supported in those environments.</​note>​
 ====== Company Logo on a slip receipt ====== ====== Company Logo on a slip receipt ======
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 Created by Steve Wind September 10 2013 Created by Steve Wind September 10 2013
-Updated ​April 10 2014+Updated ​March 12 2020
 ====== ======
 [[http://​|{{ ​ http://​​support/​images/​cust_support_banner_bottom.jpg ​ |myWindward}}]] [[http://​|{{ ​ http://​​support/​images/​cust_support_banner_bottom.jpg ​ |myWindward}}]]
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