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Performing a Ping Test

A 'ping' is a basic network test that will send messages across a network to a computer and measure the time lapsed from sending to receiving the messages.

To start the ping test, open the command prompt found using the Windows start button then select Run. Enter the word 'cmd' into the Run box as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Running 'cmd' to open the Windows command prompt

To perform the 'ping' test the word ping followed by the name of the server needs to be entered. For example, if the server is named 'server' then 'ping server' will send the test messages to the server. By default, Windows will send 4 test messages to the server. The example below shows a ping test to a website. The 'ping' command can be used for computers in the local network or across the internet.

Figure 2 - Example of a ping test

If the same number of packets are received as sent then the ping test for connection is successful. The ping test also measures time. Pinging a computer on the local network should show a response time less than 1 millisecond. Large response times on a local network could signify network problems.

If the ping test to the server fails as shown in Figure 3, then call the network administrator to troubleshoot and correct the problem.

Figure 3 - A ping test failed to locate the server

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