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-====== ​In this wiki you will learn how to install Datacap/​NetEpay. ​======+====== ​How to install Datacap ​NETePay ​======
-**For Canadian Mercury EMV with the VX810 Pinpads please follow [[employee:​installing_mercury_emv|these]] instructions.** 
-===== Introduction to NETePay=====+===== Introduction to NETePay ===== 
 +Windward System Five uses a middleware application called Datacap NETePay to send/​receive transactions to and from the payment processor.
-NETePay ​XML 4.0 is a family of PABP compliant Windows applications which are designed to process ​creditdebit and EBT transactions using the Internet for communications to a processing ​provider ​Separate versions of NETePay ​are available for most North American processing providers that support Internet payments.+**NETePay** is created by Datacap Systems Inc and is a third-party software solution used for credit/debit/gift card processing. ​Windward System Five communicates with NETePay ​and NETePay communicates with the PIN pad's and processor networks.
-Each NETePay XML 4.0 is available in two modelsSL (Single Lane) and ML (Multi Lane)+  * For **Canadian Mercury EMV with the VX810 PIN pads** please follow [[employee:installing_mercury_emv|these]] instructions.\\ 
-NETePay XML 4.0 SL (single lane) is designed and licensed to process payment requests from a singlestandalone workstation (or point of sale).+  * For **Mercury US EMV with vx805 pinpads**please see [[installing_mercury_netepay_for_us-emv|installing mercury NETePayfor US EMV]] \\
-NETePay XML 4.0 ML (multiple lane) is designed and licensed to process payments from multiple workstations (POS terminals) operating on a LAN.+See the list of Payment Processor here: http://​​downloadmenu/​ \\
-Dial backup is supported in NETePay XML 4.0 when equipped ​with a DialLink modem ​Contact ​Datacap ​for more information on DialLink.+Windward Software Systems has no processing or support agreements ​with the following processors and are **unsupported and untested** processorsIf you choose to use them let you will need to indicate you intend to use Datacap ​NETePay. 
 +  * ChasePayment (USA) 
 +  * Fifth Third Procssing Solution (Host) (NETEPAY 5 only) 
 +  * First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) - CardNet / North (Term) 
 +  * First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) - Concord / Atlanta Datawire (HOST) 
 +  * First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) - Nashville / Envoy (Term) 
 +  * Global Payments US (Host/​Term) 
 +  * Heartland Payments (Term) 
 +  * Elavon / Nova Information Ssytems. (Host/​Term) 
 +  * RBS-World Pay (term) 
 +  * TSYS Vital Visanet (term) 
 +  * TSYS Vital Summit (Host)
 +<​note>​Datacap NETePay must be purchased from Windward Software in order to activate it.  Allow **several days of setup** to get the processor and PINpad'​s operating.
-==== For TERMINAL type NETePay, Get the following programs and  install in the order listed ​**Always restart when instructed!** ​==== +==== If you are switching processors from a previous processor using Datacap ​NETePay. ====
-  -  go to http://​​ to and click on "I Agree" this will take you to another page where you must click "​Proceed to Download Software Page"​ +
-  -  click on NETePay +
-  -  **MSDE DatacapInstance** or **SQLExpressDatacap Instance** MSDE DatacapInstance is for Windows 2000/2003 & XP Only! This installs a personalized instance of the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) to provide database services to NETePay installed on Windows 2000 or XP. SQLExpressDatacap Instance is for Windows Vista and Server 2008 Only! This installs a personalized instance of the Microsoft SQL Express 2005 to provide database services to NETePay installed on Vista or 2008 Server. +
-  - EPay Administrator This installs an application that allows viewing/​sorting and reporting on transaction activity recorded in NETePay database. ​ It also performs batch functions for editing and settlement. +
-  - NETePay Select from the Get menu below, this installs the NETePay payment server software. This menu will be available on the datacap website. ​+
 +  - We recommend you install Datacap NETePay on a different computer than the previous Datacap NETePay so that both NETePay servers are available. ​ Run a test transaction on the new NETePay server. Wait until you receive your deposit, then switch from the old NETePay server to the new Datacap NETePay server.
 +  - If you have to install on the same computer, Close your batch from the previous processor first. Uninstall Datacap NETePay and all the Datacap files. Re-install Datacap NETePay.
-==== For HOST type NETePay, Get the following programs and  install in the order listed. ** Always restart when instructed!** ==== 
 +NETePay should never be installed on an internet-accessible server. Do not install on a terminal server session or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
 +NETePay can be installed on any machine “physical or virtual” that is on the same network as the Windward Server. This machine must run first before anything else to establish communication through it.
-  - go to http://​​ to and click on "I Agree" this will take you to another page where you must click "​Proceed ​to Download Software Page"​ +For RDP and Cloud users, NETePay will be installed ​on your local machine that’s always on or gets turned on first. We will then use the WindwardPOS Device Manager ​to allow communication ​to your RDP Server or the File Server (this is the server ​where Windward Data is being hosted). 
-  - click on NETePay + 
-  - NETePay Select from the Get menu below, ​this installs ​the NETePay payment ​server ​software. This menu will be available on the datacap website. This menu will be available on the datacap website+===== Setup & Configuration ===== 
 +**Install Datacap NETePay**
-==== Netepay Director ​Firewall Settings ====+Download the installers here http://​​downloadmenu/​ 
 +NOTE: Save all the installers inside the shared Windward, you will need them later when the PIN pad is setup on the client stations. 
 +Choose the correct processor. You can verify this from the Merchant Sheet provided to you by your processor.  
 +A rule of thumb: 
 +  * Unordered List ItemEach processor comes with a unique 3 letter abbreviation for easy identification. 
 +  * Unordered List ItemCanada and US will also have a separate processor to choose 
 +See the samples below. \\ 
 +Once you have selected the correct payment processor, follow the steps provided on the download page to complete the installation. And do not forget to restart the computer when prompted. 
 +After the installation is done, you will have a NETePay Icon on your desktop \\ 
 +Run it  
 +Click “Obtain Serial Number,” button \\ 
 +Click OK on “Obtain Serial Number is Successful,​” prompt \\ 
 +Click OK on “Configuration not Set! –Use Setup | Merchant Parameters,​” prompt \\ 
 +{{:​configuration_not_set_use_setup_merchant_parameters.jpg|}} \\ 
 +Now, Go to Setup menu on the top \\ 
 +Click on “Setup Information” \\ 
 +{{:​setup_information.jpg|}} \\ 
 +Click on “Load New Parameters” button below \\ 
 +Click the “YES” button on the error prompt \\ 
 +{{:​yes_error_prompt.jpg|}} \\ 
 +Click on “I Have My Deployment ID” button \\ 
 +{{:​i_have_my_deployment_id.jpg|}} \\ 
 +Type in your Deployment ID and click OK. \\ 
 +{{:​enter_deployment_id.jpg|}} \\ 
 +NETePay should now start and configured. But we are not done yet, we still need to ensure that it set to run automatically on Windows Boot/​Start. 
 +You can do this in 2 ways: 
 +NOTE: Not all processor has this feature. 
 +**1.** **Run “services.msc”** \\ 
 +{{:​services.jpg|}} \\ 
 +Look for “NETePay Service” and set it to AUTOMATIC \\ 
 +{{:​netepay_service.jpg|}} \\ 
 +**2.** **Windows Startup Folder** \\ 
 +Run “Shell:​Startup” \\ 
 +{{:​shell_startup.jpg|}} \\ 
 +And add the “NETePay” desktop shortcut. 
 +===== Firewall Settings ​===== 
 +The NetEPay service will require the Windows firewall to be configured to allow access. ​ Follow these NetEPay instructions to configure your  
 +[[https://​​support-articles/​2018-2-27-director-firewall-settings|Windows firewall]]. ​ If you have a different firewall solution, you will need to configure it to allow tcp ports 9000 and 9100. 
 +===== System Five Settings ===== 
 +Once Datacap installation is done, you will need to enable it in system five so it will communicate with NETePay. Please review [[payment_processing_-_settings|payment processing settings in System Five]]. 
 +===== Trouble Shooting =====
-[[https://​​support-articles/​2018/​2/​27/​director-firewall-settings|director-firewall-settings]]+Visit this [[netepay_setup_-_datacap_troubleshoot|troubleshooting]] wiki if having communication issues with Datacap NETePay. ​
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