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 |4|4|0|0|<​Formula[<​AnnualPeriods>,<​Subtype[PP1]>​]>​| |4|4|0|0|<​Formula[<​AnnualPeriods>,<​Subtype[PP1]>​]>​|
 |5|5|0|0|<​Formula[<​AnnualPeriods>,<​Subtype[PP1]>​]>​| |5|5|0|0|<​Formula[<​AnnualPeriods>,<​Subtype[PP1]>​]>​|
 +For employees who were Single, Head of Household, and a Widower, it will call on the the formula within formula column the of rate table [PP1]. And for married employees, it will be the formula within the rate table [PP2].
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