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 ===== Additional Troubleshooting ===== ===== Additional Troubleshooting =====
-  * Ensure the Microsoft operating system is on our supported list. + 
-  * Ensure the Microsoft operating systems is patched with no pending patches that need to be applied. +Visit this [[netepay_setup_-_datacap_troubleshoot|troubleshooting]] link if having communication issues with Datacap/​NetePay.
-  * Ensure you are using the most up to date installer from the [[http://​​]] website +
-  * Ensure you have installed using administrator rights on any workstation or server you are installing NETePay. ​ This can be done by right clicking the installer and choosing to "Run as administrator"​. +
-  * You may need to visit their [[https://​​netepay-support|netepay support]] page to search any unknown NETePay software errors experienced.+
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