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 <​code>​scp -r user@server1:/​var/​www/​html/​ user@server2:/​var/​www/​html/</​code>​ <​code>​scp -r user@server1:/​var/​www/​html/​ user@server2:/​var/​www/​html/</​code>​
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 ===== Common server checking ===== ===== Common server checking =====
 +**To check if what Linux OS the server is running (either 32bit or 64bit) type in this command**
 +<​code>​uname -m</​code>​
 +This would give you either: **i386** (old school protocol for 32-Bit), **i686** (is modern 32-bit OS that includes extensions and performance-enhancements for most Pentium-class CPUs and AMD processors) or **x86_64** (This would be a 64-Bit)
 To check what is the current version thats running: To check what is the current version thats running:
 <​code>​cat /​etc/​redhat-release</​code>​ <​code>​cat /​etc/​redhat-release</​code>​
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