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   * Use SMTP Aut6hentication must be checked.   * Use SMTP Aut6hentication must be checked.
   * Use SSL must be checked.   * Use SSL must be checked.
 +<​note>​If you are getting access violations when trying to send invoices through Gmail, you may need to change the incoming POP port from :995 to :465 \\
 +Even though we don't import emails into System Five, this incoming mail server setting must be there and set to a valid POP Address and port. </​note>​
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 Created by Steve Wind May 13 2019 Created by Steve Wind May 13 2019
 +Updated June 13 2019
 ====== ======
 [[http://​|{{ ​ http://​​support/​images/​cust_support_banner_bottom.jpg [[http://​|{{ ​ http://​​support/​images/​cust_support_banner_bottom.jpg
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