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What’s New Version 6.2.2

Pervasive Version 12 is required for the installation of version 6.2.2. Talk to your account manager for more information.

Product Launch


Shipping container management

Purchasing from vendors overseas that arrive via container does not carry a guarantee that you will receive you full order. In fact, in many cases, what you purchased may arrive over the course of time and via multiple shipments. Managing a shipment that contains inventory from multiple purchase orders just became much easier with the ability to receive against multiple PO’s from this new receiving interface. Same countless amounts of time editing individual PO’s to receive items, by performing the receiving as a single activity.

Point of Sale

Referral source tracking

Revenue that is driven by referrals can now be tracked easily from POS, and supported reports for analyzing referrals for a period offers a effective solution for managing this important part of your business. Generate a report on-demand and see at a glance what impact each of your referral sources is having on your business.


Display Rental rates for invoice screen

With a rental contract open (work order) customize the rental rates into the grid so at a glance you can have rate information for your customer without a mouse click. Quick and easy customer service.

Rental usage calculation added to rental equipment

Equipment that carries a meter or usage reading can now be managed within System Five and limits set for rental contracts. A rental contract can now include a usage limit along with a time limit. Rent the equipment for a period of time including a set amount of usage. When the equipment is returned, if the equipment exceeds the usage, a charge will be automatically applied to the contract. As usage is calculated based in the meter reading at the time equipment is returned, users will be prompted to update the meter reading when a rental contract is closed.

Renew rentals carries forward usage amounts

Usage amounts for rental equipment is fully supported with renewing rental contracts monthly. The usage amount allowed for the rental period of a month will carry forward in the renew rental process so that the accumulated usage allowance is recognized when the rental contract is closed.

Adjust rental rates and usage limits for invoice

Override the default rental rates as well as usage limits for rental overage calculation, all for a specific invoice. This facilitates the negotiation with your customer on a per incident basis without worry about system rates interfering. Be confident that the agreed rate will be what the customer will be charged. Support for unit number field added to the invoice screen

Rental equipment will have a serial number but if tracking and reference to your equipment is by a unit number instead, you can now become more efficient with invoicing. The unit number field for unit inventory is now available from the invoice grid for display, and you can search by the unit number as well.

New rental rule - Prorated rental rate

Rental rates are calculated based on the duration of the rental contract. A longer period of time translates to a lower daily rate.


Link documents to equipment Make and Model

Documents that are specific to a piece of equipment that is a particular Make and Model can be critical to managing the equipment. Whether the equipment is owned by your business or your customer, maintaining the unit is best done with all available information at hand. Why go sifting through a file cabinet, actual or virtual, to find a spec sheet or safety guide. Link the document to not just the inventory item, or to the individual unit, but to the Make and Model. The document may apply to multiple units that fit the make model combination so this will save time and put the information in the hands of those who need it most.

Add Tag along kit to Unit inventory

A tag along kit can now be linked to a specific unit/serial number and will be added to the invoice when the serial number is selected. The method by which your equipment inventory is grouped against a part number may not be the same grouping that would work for tag along kits. The benefits of kits for invoicing can be realized now directly against your unit inventory. It allows you to ensure the appropriate consumables or necessary parts are not forgotten when your equipment is sold or rented.

Part number support for up to 50 characters

Part numbers now support up to 50 characters and this includes Item, Part, Alternate part, supplier and customer part #’s. Relationships with your vendors are important and if they use extended part numbers we understand and now support these longer formats.

Fixed asset depreciation

Record depreciation of your fixed asset inventory monthly and have this post accordingly into your ledger. Capture the capital cost, salvage value, useful life, and calculation method to prepare your assets, and then with the fixed asset report, record the depreciation with the click of a button. Understand your net book value real time, and save end of the year calculations, or paying your accountant for the time to calculate these necessary amounts.


Stock reconciliation report

This job is likely the least favorite of your financial team, but now that we have made it much easier, you may need to draw straws to assign it each month! Comparing the activity in the ledger to the sub ledger is displayed in an easy read interface with clearly linked transactions and discrepancies highlighted for your quick attention.


Enhanced customer searching

The phone number search has been expanded to search on 7 or 10 digit phone numbers. With the explosion of cell phones, the number of phone numbers that exist has expanded so the search capabilities should as well.

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