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Issues Viewing Training Videos


If you are running a certain version of the Adobe Flash Player (Version 10,0,12,36 Tested) you may not be able to view training videos.


The issue occurs in this version of the Adobe Flash Player. Older versions of the player do not experience this issue. (Version 9 tested)


Follow these steps to uninstall the Adobe Flash 10 player and reinstall the Adobe Flash 9 viewer.

  1. Uninstall any versions of the “Adobe Flash Player” you have installed on your computer.
    1. (You may have multiple instances of the Player installed)
    2. (If you have multiple versions you may notice odd behavior where you may be able to view videos in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox)
  2. Download version 9 of the Adobe Flash player here:
  3. Close all instances of INTERNET EXPLORER, FIREFOX, or any other browsers you have open.
  4. At this point you should be able to view Windward Training videos again


You may get prompted to upgrade the Adobe Flash player after following these steps.
At that time of this writing, it is not recomended that you upgrade the Adobe Flash viewer.

The following version of of the Adobe Flash viewer is known to have this issue: Adobe Flash Player Version 10,0,12,36

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