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To program the unit with both a STX prefix and a carriage return, see the following configuration settings:

Note: This should work for most Symbol Scanners, if it does not please refer the the online manuals from Symbol

Model Confirmed to Work
Symbol LI4278 Yes
Symbol LS1203 Yes
Symbol LS2208 Yes
Zebra DS3678 Yes
Zebra RS6000 Yes
Zebra LS3578 Yes

Step 1: program the scanner to accept both a prefix and suffix:

A: Scan the Scan options Barcode

B: Scan the Prefix / Data / Suffix Barcode and then scan the Enter Barcode

Step 2: Add the STX Prefix based on ASCII Value 1002

A: Scan the Prefix Barcode

B: Now Scan the Barcodes in the order of 1002

If you make an error, scan the Cancel Barcode

If required, restore to System Defaults by scanning this barcode:

Alternate programming to add STX Prefix, Carriage Return Suffix and remove the Check Digit :


The full manual in PDF format can be downloaded from the following link:


For a 9208 Barcode Scanner, see this pdf


To program the 9208 to function as a keyboard wedge scanner, first scan these barcodes in order

Step 3: The following changes need to be made in System Five

A) Open System Five by double clicking on the System Five icon. This should be somewhere on your desktop.

B) In System Five, go to menu→Setup Tools→Setup Wizard. If near the top left of the screen you see “To advanced mode” written in blue, click on that.

C) From the list of items select Point of Sale Devices→Barcode reader.

D) Click on the “Read Barcode Scanner” button.

E) Scan any barcode (barcode on a product).

The preamble character has been set and the scanner is now functioning correctly. To verify that the scanner is functioning as programmed, simply scan a barcode with the DOS prompt up on your screen. You should see “^B” followed by the barcode you scanned. If you do not see this then the preamble character for the scanner has not been configured correctly and you should repeat the above steps.

Updated by Steven Wind November 16 2018

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