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PC Charge Troubleshooting

Important Note

The next release of System Five (version 6.0) will not support pc-Charge. Users will need to switch to datacap netepay.

Response not captured

Problem: PC Charge transaction goes through to PC Charge server and is processed. Windward invoice does not capture the payment information. Windward becomes unresponsive or closes.

Solution 1: Reboot server will remove the condition that causes the PC Charge to fail communicating back to Windward. If the problem reoccurs on a daily basis then try Solution 2.

Solution 2: Archive the PC Charge transaction file and reboot server.

To correct the invoice: Use offline capture to input the credit card information onto the invoice.

Solution 3: There have been reports of PC Charge failing when Internet Explorer 7 is installed. This appears to be a breakdown in communication between the Processor/PC Charge and a Microsoft component on the server that is not sending the Windward data back properly.

Expiry Dates past a certain date are not recognized

In pc-Charge (not system five), select Setup, Configure System, Set last valid year to the current year+10 or higher

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