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 +====== Network Troubleshooting ======
 +In order for Windward Software products to function correctly in a network environment there needs to be adequate network infrastructure. ​ By network infrastructure we mean a professionally cabled network with reliable network cards and switches. ​ A properly configured server, DNS and TCP/IP protocol for our applications and other network services to be able to employ. ​ If things don't work, we hope this document may give you some ideas on what to check and consider.
 +===== Best practices =====
 +  * Purchase quality network switches, hardware, use professional cabling and patch panels.
 +  * Buy patch cables instead of building your own.  For the cost, it is not worth the dollar savings. ​ A bad patch cable can cause many hours of trouble shooting.
 +===== Things to consider when things go wrong =====
 +  * Check the server event log for any message or hints towards what may be failing.
 +  * How old is the hardware? ​ Has it ran successfully before?
 +  * Could the server drive be failing? ​ Is it a single IDE drive or in a RAID configuration?​
 +  * Are there any patches available for the server hardware? ​ Firmware such as RAID card, network card, BIOS?
 +  * Could line voltage be an issue? ​ Any large motors, compressors or welding devices nearby? ​ You may want to consider some power conditioning.
 +  * Last resort mainly due to the expertise level required and time involved is install and review information from a network analyzer.
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