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 +====== Penny Rounding Errors, Multi Currency ====== 
 +===== Test Proof, and Wizard Fix ===== 
 +Any time we work on errors that are associated with being out of proof, we should be working from the Test Proof. If we run a test proof and then a wizard fix, there may not be any issues fixed but it will save us time if the entries that were out of proof due to currency rounding issues have already been touched.  
 +===== What's Next ===== 
 +The next thing to do is run integrity checks using the All setting. Once the checks have run, you go through each section running the Tools > Do Gain/Loss. You need to run this once on each of the following tabs: A/R Results, A/P Results, Ledger Results, and if anything shows on Misc tab run the routine on that one as well. 
 +===== What if that doesn'​t fix everything? ===== 
 +Start by making sure all integrity problems are fixed. After this is done, you can check integrity at the end of each week to identify which processes are involved when you have problems. Once you have identified, please review them to make sure they should work. If you find any problems, showing a re-creatable scenario to support will enable us to send any glitches to our programming department or to show you an alternate procedure. ​
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