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Kit Data Loads

Kit data loads are actually very simple data loads. Here is the process to perform a kit load into a System Five database.

The following example refers to the main kit part as Parent and all parts contained within a kit as Children.

E.g.: In a style matrix the Parent part would be ShirtStyleA and this contains the Child parts ShirtStyleA-Sm-Re and ShirtStyleA-Lg-Bk.

The following steps need to be done BEFORE the kit load is possible

  1. Load all of the Parents to their respective categories with descriptions and other information. Load them without quantities as regular parts.
  2. Load all of the Children to the respective categories with descriptions, prices, and other information. Can be loaded with quantities if you wish.
Using duplicate part numbers in the System Five database WILL CAUSE PROBLEMS with the kit load. As it is not possible to specify category numbers against the parts in the spreadsheet, System Five uses the first instance of the part number specified. If the user wants part x in category 900 to be used, but there is a part x in category 100. The part x in category 100 is added to the kit.

Kit load

  • Create a new spreadsheet(.CSV) file containing the information to be loaded. The spreadsheet MUST contain the following information on each line
    • The main kit part number (Parent)
    • The part number contained within the kit (Child)
    • The quantity of the child part to be added (Quantity)

The spreadsheet would look like

MyKitPart KitPart-1 1
MyKitPart KitPart-2 1
MyKitPart KitPart-3 4
AnotherKit Part-X-001 2
AnotherKit Part-D-001 1

One spreadsheet is needed per kit type. So if a user requires a mixture of some Static (type 23) and Dynamic-Exploding (type 150) kits, then two separate spreadsheets must be created.
  • Inventory and Purchases | Data Load | Kit Load
  • Select the From File button
  • Browse to the spreadsheet for loading and double-click on it
  • Select the Next button
  • Set the Parent column as Part Number
  • Set the Child column as Kit Part Number
  • Set the Quantity column as Kit Quantity

  • Select the Next button
  • Select the Select Kit Type button
  • Locate the kit type to be loaded

  • Select OK
  • If there is a header row in the spreadsheet, select the option Skip first kit record

  • Select Next
  • Select Load
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