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Setup a Training Directory

IMPORTANT: Please read this entire document in its entirety as well as view the supporting links before starting the Training Directory Installation. This document will assume basic ability to copy and manipulate files in Microsoft Windows.

Creating a training or “Play” directory will allow testing of new processes and functionality. This is an important procedure if large changes are planned to the dataset, for example: data loading new inventory items, trying a physical inventory count for the first time, making price changes for all product, adding tax areas to customers in a specific region, etc.

The first step is duplicating the existing production data. All users need to be logged out before the data copy is to begin.

Finally the Windward Software product will need to be linked to the new data.

The trainingbin Program File Location

The program files for System Five by default are located on your computer drive at C:\Windward\System5\bin while the training program files should be located in C:\Windward\System5\trainingbin . The folder paths are not strict as long as there are seperate folders for the production and training program files, therefore, it will be important to setup your desktop shortcuts properly to ensure you are logging into the correct System Five application (Production or Training). After the training data has been copied then a copy of the bin files will need to be created.

The following link will assist with locating the production data directory:

Finding the production data directory

Duplicating your Current Data

  1. Locate your existing data using the information in the section above.
  2. Copy the entire directory to a new folder. The easiest method is to right-click and Copy then right click o the folder then select paste. Usually this will name the folder “Copy of Data”. This folder can be renamed to “training”

Linking to the New Data


WARNING Do not use the training directory for entering real data. There are no methods available for moving production data out of the training data. The training directory may be reloaded or deleted at any time by a Windward Technician or your IT professional for problem troubleshooting.
  • The training directory can be deleted or reloaded often. It has no effect on the real data.
  • All users need to be logged out from System Five before copying datafiles or some files may be locked and not copied to the new folder.

Summary Video for Training Directory Setup

The following link demonstrates copying the data files and bin files:

Setup of training directory video

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