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Note: You do not need everyone signed out of Windward SystemFive until “Step 6” where the update is installed.

Step 1) You will need to have supervisor security to perform an update. Sign into Windward System Five with a supervisor user name and password.

Step 2) From the “Utilities” menu select “System Five FTP Update”.

Step 3) You will be presented with a list of servers you can update from. Select the server closest to your region. Customers in the United States will find “” will be a faster server, while customers in Canada will want to use “”. Customers in Australia will find “” the faster mirror to use. Click the download button to continue with the update.

NOTE: “” is the primary site while the other sites are mirror locations. If experiencing a problem downloading, try using “”. You may need to check the “Use Passive FTP” to download updates through some internet firewall and DSL modems.

Step 4) When presented with the “Windward Software Update Wizard”, the default selected option “Internet FTP Update” will be selected. Click the “Next” button to continue to check for updates.

NOTE: If you are registered for our beta program, you have the option to click “Download Beta Version”. If you are not registered for beta releases you will not be able to download them.

NOTE: You may want to enter your e-mail address to be notified of future updates.

Step 5) The update utility will place a check mark beside an update that you require. It will download what is necessary for the update to be preformed. If you are already up to date you will be notified of this fact. Click “Next” to download available updates.

Step 6) Before the updates can be installed, everyone must sign out of Windward SystemFive. Click the “Yes” button once everyone is signed out.

Step 7) If the updates were installed successfully, you will see a dialog box stating this fact. If there was a problem, you may still have someone signed into Windward. Ensure everyone is signed out and re-run the update process.

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