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 +Online Sales: Which Taxes Do You Collect for Each Province?
 +As an online retailer accepting and shipping orders across Canada, the list of taxes you should be collecting and remitting on your online sales as of 2010 looks like this:
 +  * B.C. - HST
 +  * Alberta – GST
 +  * Saskatchewan – GST & PST voluntarily (*unless is home province)
 +  * Manitoba – GST & PST
 +  * Ontario - HST
 +  * Quebec – QST
 +  * New Brunswick – HST
 +  * Nova Scotia – HST
 +  * Newfoundland & Labrador – HST
 +  * Prince Edward Island – GST & PST voluntarily (*unless is home province)
 +  * Northwest Territories – GST
 +  * Nunavut – GST
 +  * Yukon – GST
 +(*In your home province, registration for PST/RST is mandatory if you are selling taxable goods and/or services.)
 +This means that you should register as a Provincial Sales Tax Vendor with each of the provinces you will be doing business with and will be expected to collect and remit the sales tax accordingly.
 +What can you do to get around all this additional paperwork and bookkeeping related to your online sales? Not much. Some Canadian-based online businesses limit the areas they ship to. An Ontario based business, for instance, ​
 +might only accept orders from and ship to customers in Ontario. Others only sell non-taxable goods and/or services.
 +The online sales picture is further complicated by the fact that goods and/or services that may be tax-exempt in one province may be treated differently in another. So take all the information above as a guide only and be sure to check with the Finance/​Revenue Ministries of the individual provinces to ascertain whether or not you have to collect and remit provincial tax when you are shipping to customers who reside there. ​
 +**When it comes to taxes, you can't afford to be wrong.**
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