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1. On the Admin Panel –> Appearance –> Cart Related –> Shopping Cart Suffix

Adding the code

<td><a href="<ww:my_url>action=cart_save"><b>Save Cart</b></a></td> 

adds a save cart link when you click on “View cart”. ecommercecartloadsave.jpg

Clicking the “Save Cart” link will prompt a message “Your cart has been saved for retrieval at a later date.” (See Sample Screenshot above)

<a href="<ww:my_url>&action=access_account_options">My Account</a><br />
<a href="<ww:my_url>&action=cart_view">View Cart</a><br />
<a href="<ww:my_url&action=access_account_options>">My Order History</a>
<a href="<ww:my_url>action=cart_load_list">Load saved cart</a>

Adding this code on your default.html page, adds the link “Load saved cart” on the left side navigation panel.


To add the same link on the right navigation panel, see code below.

<span class="rightNav">
                <a href="<ww:my_url>&action=access_account_options">My Account</a><br />
                <a href="<ww:my_url>&action=cart_view">View Cart</a> <br />
                <a href="<ww:my_url>action=cart_load_list">Load saved cart</a>


Clicking the “Load saved cart” link loads the cart that you have saved.


On the Admin Panel –> Appearance –> User Related –> User Menu

Adding the code

<li><a href="<ww:my_url>action=cart_load_list">View Saved Carts</a></li>

adds a View Saved Carts option when the user clicks on “My Account”. ecommerceviewsavedcarts.jpg

Feel free to try these options when you log in on the website.

Note: To make cosmetic changes (e.g. customizing the design of your buttons and banners to match the theme of your link/website), please contact your web designer.

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