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Marking Parts for Deletion

When a part is marked for deletion, that means you never want to order the part again - ever. If the supplier is low in stock and starting to discontinue the item, then you can decide if you will allow the part to be ordered or not, but obviously you seem to be continuing to order the item if available, so marking it for deletion would be the wrong approach. Instead, you should set the highs and lows to zero and add a warning comment to the selling and purchase order comments telling you that the item is being discontinued if someone tries to order it.

We have some customers that have many thousands of items marked for deletion. Having them show up in a search if you only enter 4 of the numbers would be extremely distracting. That is why we hide the part and by definition, that is what marking the part for deletion is.

NOTE: If you mark a part for deletion and still have some on stock or on order, then the part can be found normally until all are sold.

NOTE: For an inventory system to work well, you need not just the inventory, but a system. We recommend that you establish a policy of how the part numbers should be entered for all the staff to follow so that they are always entered the same way. Most companies never allow spaces. If you see a space, put an underscore in it's place. Or, create a policy that removes all spaces, dashes and underscores and then there will never be a surprise.

Here are a couple of tips that could help you:

1) Never mark a part for deletion if there is a chance that you can reorder it.

2) If you want to stop stocking an Item, set the highs and lows to zero and add the appropriate warning comments if someone tries to sell or purchase the item. You can then still find the item if that is what you need to do.

3) If an item is marked for deletion and a customer wants to purchase another, you can bring up a list of recent purchases for that customer from the invoice you are working on, tag it and drag it onto the invoice. Saves entering the part number and ensures you get the same part number.

4) If you need to search for an item that has been marked for deletion, is out of stock and is not on order, then you can use the supervisor override for searching. Only a manager should have access to this function because it's a bit dangerous, but is a way out of a situation.

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