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Cognitive Barcode Blaster

Sample form file to be used in Windward:

The Line numbers are for documentation purposes only.

Please do not include these line numbers in the configuration process.

Line 1: ! 0 100 200 1

Line 2: PITCH 100

Line 3: STRING 9×12 15 10 <COMPANY.NAME,C >

Line 4: STRING 18×23 15 30 <PRICE.O>

Line 5: STRING 9×12 15 60 <DESCRIPTION >

Line 6: BARCODE CODE128A 15 150 40 <Bar Code>

Line 7: END

This example produces the following label:


Line 1 Details:

! = Indicates the start of the label format

0 = Starting X and Y coordinate (Usually 0)

100 = Heat provided for each dot

200 = Height of tag in 100th of an inch

1 = Number of labels to print

Line 2 Details:

Pitch 100 = Sets the print density in dots per inch

Line 3, 4 and 5 Details:

STRING = Prints text (ASCII Characters) on a label

9×12 = Specifies the basic font size in dots.

 There are seven font sizes: 
 3X5, 5X7, 8X8, 9X12, 12X16, 18X23, 24X31 

15 10 = Starting X and Y coordinate

<COMPANY.NAME,C> = Value acquired from Windward Software

Line 6 Details:

Bar Code = Prints a Bar Code

CODE128A = Bar Code type

15 150 = Starting X and Y coordinate

40 = Height of Bar Code in 100th of an inch

<Bar Code> = Value acquired from Windward Software to be printed under the Bar Code

Line 7 Details:

END = Signals the end of a label format


Please note that the printout of Line 6 in the image above shows barcode spelt “Bar Code”. This must actually show as “BARCODE”.

The barcode doesn't print at all (using CODE128C)

In this example other barcodes print correctly, but some barcodes cause the barcode printer to not print the label at all. So if you can print one barcode but not another one, then you should consider using CODE128 without the C or choosing CODE128A, or CODE128B. The nice thing about choosing CODE128 without an A B or C is that it enables auto-switching. If it can use CODE128C it does, because CODE128C is the smallest. Otherwise it uses the next smallest which is CODE128B then CODE128A.

This is an issue for some barcodes that are shorter or do not have the check digit on them. There have been some Cognitive Barcode Blaster printers that are known to entirely skip printing for some CODE128C barcodes that do not have the check digit.

4 Samples (each from the barcode preview in notepad): Just the barcode line so you can see how it should show in the preview.

BARCODE CODE128 111 25 20 60548277626
BARCODE CODE128A 111 25 20 60548277626
BARCODE CODE128B 111 25 20 60548277626
BARCODE CODE128C 111 25 20 60548277626
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