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No Terminals Available for selection

Information / Common Issues

There are a few reasons that terminals might not show in the list.

  • The most obvious is that they are in use
  • The terminal is hung in Pervasive
  • Insufficient permissions to access that network resource
  • Firewall software blocking the connection

No Terminals Available for selection #1


Customer could not open System Five from 1 client terminal. The original issue was a Status 116 error on Master.btr

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Looked at security, but the station had only had windows updates done recently and been connected to the internet
  2. Looked at network configuration and made sure the Server Pinged correctly.
  3. Setup a host file entry for the server ip address
  4. Tested connection to pervasive with the Pervasive System Analyzer. I found that TCP/IP was not working, but netbios was.
  5. Turned off the firewall on the server.


  • The error was caused by the firewall on the server having been configured to block TCP/IP traffic from the client PC


We turned off the Firewall and everything worked.

  1. Ordered List Item
  2. Enable NetBios over TCP/IP
  3. Remove any bad hosts file entrys in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
  4. Set TCP/IP timeouts to avoid the two hour delay (see article…)
  5. Ensure that Name Resolution (DNS) is working properly by pinging Pervasive server by DNS name and correct IP is returned
  6. Ensure System has R/W access to data files
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