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Preventing Leading 0's From Being Dropped When Opening a CSV File in Excel

Windward Software

This document was written for Excel 2003 and 2005

For more current versions of Excel refer to the following document

Keeping The Leading 0's

To prevent leading zeros from being dropped when opening a CSV file in Excel, perform the following operation:

1: Open up a blank Excel spreadsheet

2: Go to the menu option DATA - Import External Data - Import Data

3: Browse to the data file you are trying to open.

4: Then set to delimited, and select next.

5: Set the delimiters to comma, and uncheck any others. Select next.

6: Every column in the Data Preview Pane must be selected, and the column data format for each column must be changed to text. Then select finish.

You can either select existing worksheet or new worksheet. Either one is acceptable.

As you can see, the leading zeros are now present in the Excel worksheet

For information on loading your Excel Spreadsheet Back into System Five through a Data Load see:

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