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 ====== Desjardins/​Monetico Flex Classic ​ ====== ====== Desjardins/​Monetico Flex Classic ​ ======
-<​note>​This integration is **NO LONGER SUPPORTED** by Windward Software.</​note>​ 
 http://​​en/​entreprises/​solutions/​solutions-marchands/​terminal-point-vente/​flex.jsp\\ http://​​en/​entreprises/​solutions/​solutions-marchands/​terminal-point-vente/​flex.jsp\\
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 === Transaction Printing === === Transaction Printing ===
-Transactions can be printed on the i5300 payment terminal or the POS slip printer.\\+Transactions can be printed on the i5301 payment terminal or the POS slip printer.\\ 
 +For the iPP320 transactions must be printed on the POS slip printer as the iPP320 does not have a printer.
 Invoice must be printed on the POS printer.\\ Invoice must be printed on the POS printer.\\
 === Integration Manual === === Integration Manual ===
 +<note warning>​This model in this PDF manual is incorrectly identified as the i5310 instead of the i5301.</​note>​
 {{DesjardinsSemiIntegrated.pdf|}} {{DesjardinsSemiIntegrated.pdf|}}
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